Monday, July 2, 2012

Road Trip - Day 6 - Murrells Inlet

For our last day in MB, we decided to head down the coast to Murrells Inlet.  This town is known as the seafood capital of South Carolina...this was what beckoned us south.  And man, the seafood was delicious.  My friend, Lisa, recommended Lee's Inlet Kitchen.  It was delicious.  And that is from a person who doesn't love now you know just how delicious it must have been.  (Just thinking about the crabcakes makes me salivate.)

After we dinner, we wondered over to the Marsh Walk.  OMG!  It was beautiful and peaceful.  And I don't think we even saw the tip of the iceberg in this town.

Since our first day of vacation, Ashton has had her mind set on getting a charicature drawing.  Luckily, while at the Marsh Walk, there was a lady doing them.  Unfortunately, it was an hour wait for Ashton's turn.  But seeing just how happy that drawing made her was all worth it.

This was the perfect relaxing end to our coastal vacation. 


mistymadisonjo said...

You got some really good pictures of you guys during your trip. This place looks so cool.

Kendra said...

The pic of you and your hubs is great! And I love Ashton's pose and smile with her charicature. Her joy is so sweet.

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