Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Few Days w/ Aunt Robin and Uncle Vince

Last week, the kids took their 2nd annual summer trip to my sister's.  Unfortunately, because our kids are getting older and their schedules are getting more and more hectic, we could only organize a 1/2 week for them there and a 1/2 week for Collin to come here.

So, on Saturday, June 30, Mom and I met my sister in Joplin, MO to offload my two kids for a few days.  (Thanks Mom for going with me!)  We met at the Sandstone Garden and had lunch in their bistro.  It is such a pretty place.

My sister had a few things planned to keep the kids entertained.  She focused on inside stuff and toddler friendly stuff. 

The first thing they did was a scavenger hunt through the Nelson museum.  This museum looks amazing.  The teams were Vince and Ashton against the boys, Veronica and Robin.  The boys won, but I guess all they brought home were bragging rights.

They also went to Sea Life...a new aquarium in KC.  Wow!  I'm thinking we'll need to visit this place when we are up there too.

On Wednesday, July 4th my parent's met my sister and the kids in Ft. Gibson, OK at my aunt's house.  They all spent the 4th there and then my parents brought my two and Collin back to us on Thursday.  Since I only got the one day off work, I didn't make the trip to Ft. Gibson.  I am so sad that I didn't get to go.  Boo!

The kids had a really good time.  I hope next year's summer schedule is easier to work with.  But a little bit of time together is better than no time together.

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Kendra said...

What a fun getaway for the kids with a special aunt and uncle! How neat is the scavenger hunt! Made me think of A Night at the Museum, just because of the fun!
Ashton is precious with her baby cousin.

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