Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Friday Night Lights

Marching Season is in full force.  We've had our first two football and I must say...I am lovin' me some football.

Our first game was away against Carl Albert HS.  And man...it was hot that night.  Of course, the visiting stands were facing the west, so it was even hotter sitting on metal bleachers in the sun.  But we got to see a beautiful sunset over the OKC skyline.

Carl Albert invited our band to play halftime, so it was our first time on the field for a game.  Our group did so well.  But the view from the visiting stands was stinky since they will always face the home side.  Oh yeah....the Sabercats won the game!!! 

Our second game was the SouthWest Showdown...Southmoore vs. Westmoore

The weather for this game was a complete 180 from the week prior.  A front had moved in and it was a wee bit chilly.  The three high schools in Moore all play at the Moore Stadium and we were the away team for this game too.  Our band played the pre-game show and then they played the Star Spangled Banner with the Westmoore Band.  They all sounded so good together.

A little before 2nd qtr, storms started moving in and the lightning was making us very nervous.  Ashton and I decided to leave and it was apparently good timing, cause when the rain came, IT CAME!  The band left the game when the storm hit, but the football teams stayed and finished playing after it had passed.  The Sabercats put notch number number on the post with another WIN in double overtime!

I am excited for this week's game.  It will be our first home game and we are playing Moore HS.  I am really enjoying this band mom thing.  My heart swells with pride watching Quinn and his friends on the field (especially since a couple of his friends are like adopted kids to me anyways). 


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Aw that sounds like lots of fun!

Nicole said...

I am LOVING all your new posts!

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