Friday, September 14, 2012

Let's Get Physical

Ashton has been a momma's girl since the day she was born.  She used to throw a fit when Tony would pick her up at daycare and she would tell him she wanted me.  So, there were a couple of times, she stayed at daycare until I could get off work and pick her up.  I have to admit that I thought it was a little funny, but I could also tell it hurt Tony's feelings.  There were times that nothing he would do could make her happy.

I also have to admit that it has inflated my ego a little bit to have such a close relationship with Ash.  I have also known that there would come a time that she would begin to hate me and start to idolize her father.  Well, I can see that train coming down the tracks and I am afraid I am going to get run over.

Ashton has decided she wants to go hunting with Tony this fall and she has also started going to the gym with him.  (Don't mistake what I am saying...I don't think it is bad that she has a close relationship with him...I just want to still be close to her too.)

Now, Tony doesn't do your normal run on the treadmill-lift weights kind of workout.  He does CrossFit.  Which is a completely insane workout.  In fact, it is so insane, they have a CrossFit Games that is aired on ESPN.  The gym owner said Ashton could do the workout too as long as she took it seriously. 

After her first workout she was absolutely hooked!  Even being sore the next few days seemed to ignite something in her.  The gym celebrated their anniversary on Saturday, so Ashton and Tony went for a free torture session workout.  Quinn and I are happy to sit back and watch 'em sweat! 

We are going to limit her to once a week and no weights.  But we are thinking with her dance classes and this, she outta be in killa shape soon!  My daughter may end up with a six pack!


Kendra said...

How fun! I know I am going to relate to your feelings in a few years. Gracelyn is very much a mama's girl, which I love and I can see the hurt in my husband's face. I can only imagine how in shape Ashton will be in. That's really neat that she wants to spend time with her dad, working out!

Shyla said...

That's awesome! Getting fit early in life is such a wonderful gift for long term health!

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