Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SHS Pom Clinic

Every year, the SHS Pom Squad hosts a pom clinic for the elementary kids in the area.  And every year, I beg Ashton to do it.  But since her friends aren't going, she hasn't wanted to go.  Until this year!!!  With our friends daughter, Abby, on the squad, Ashton didn't hesitate.  So while Tony and I were getting our early vote on, Ashton was learning two chants and a dance.

She said she had a really good time.  And I am proud of her for going outside of her comfort zone and doing something without her friends.  I know that is hard for young girls, but I really want Ashton to have an identity outside of her friends. 


Crystal Clear As Mud said...

So, if you were rockin' the vote, who took these pics? ;)

Nicole said...

That video was GREAT please tell Ash that she has great technique, her pirouette was spot on and her toes were pointed on her kick! I am SOO proud!
Becky's tiny dancer! xoxox

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ah looks awesome!

Kendra said...

She did so good! Her cheering and dancing were fantastic!!

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