Friday, January 25, 2013

Family Frenzy Friday

We have had a great week.  Last weekend while Quinn was away with the youth group, Ashton got to be an only child for a few days.

Saturday morning was kicked off with a Family Funrise Breakfast at Chick-fil-a.  I'm not sure if all CFAs do this type of stuff, but the one in Moore is always holding community type events to bring families closer together.  We had a great time and cheesed it up in our PJs with the Cows in their PJs.

After breakfast, Ashton and I went for a massage.  (Yep.  You read that right.)  Last year, I signed up for a membership with Massage Envy...although I have loved getting massages, in an effort to reduce expenses, I've cancelled my membership.  I had exactly two prepaid massages left and Ashton had been bugging me to get one, so I thought what the heck!  As soon as the massage was over, she asked when her next one was gonna be...hehehe.  She said it "felt like she was on a cloud".  I hope I haven't created a monster with this.  Later that afternoon we did a little shopping at Penn Square mall and spent all of Tony's hard earned money.

Monday evening, I had a mother/son date planned for me and Quinn.  Unfortunately, I was sick and didn't get to keep the date.  So, I sent Tony in my place and they had a father/son Wine and Palette night.  I think they had a good time, but Tony said Quinn's OCD made it hard for him to relax and enjoy the process of painting.

This weekend will be a slower paced one, but I have several things on my to-do list that have got to be done.  I was hoping we could catch a movie at The Warren, but of the 15 movies out right now 10 are rated R, 4 are PG-13 and there is one PG (which we have already seen).  Ugh!


Girl On a Journey said...

What fun in your PJ's! I have always wanted to do the painting thing, a few friends and my daughters have all done it and really had a good time. Have a good weekend. I know there isn't a lot of good movie choices out these days. Me and my friend would do movies every Friday evening but, not lately.

Nicole said...

They did great! how fun!!

mistymadisonjo said...

The paintings are awesome!!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh I love their paintings, looks like fun!

Kendra said...

I love all the pics! The CFA breakfast looks so fun and I don't blame Ashton for wanting another massage! What a good sport Tony is to take your place. Their paintings look great!

Anthony Brum said...

I had a great time hanging out with my best bro!!!

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