Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I'm Up to Wednesday (and a Giveaway!!)

I have finally got myself a Pinterest account and I have been pinning like a mad woman!  It is so dang addictive.  I've enjoyed Pinterest in the past, but this is my first time to just click "pin it" instead of saving it in some other place.  One of my recent pins are fabric covered bins.  I love how together corresponding baskets can make an area look, but it can get pretty expensive.  So, when I found these, I just knew I would have to make them.  (If you decide you want to make them too, you can click HERE to see the full tutorial.)

So, on Friday, I bought the supplies and decided to spend the weekend making my own beautiful set.

And I knew exactly where I wanted bathroom cabinet.  This cabinet has been seriously neglected.

The baskets were pretty easy and took about 1/2 a yard of fabric each.  The messy part was the spray adhesive, but I really don't think there is another adhesive type that would work as well.  I got the baskets at Dollar Tree and the fabric at Hobby Lobby (30% off)....each basket averaged about $5 to make.  That's not too shabby...considering they would be about $15 - $20 each at Target.

I love how the baskets turned out.  I added chalk signs to make it a little cuter...they are wooden tags painted with chalk board paint!  Love it!

So, in all of that clutter was a slew of samples...some from Birchbox, some from random sample requests I've sent and some that I picked up in random places.  But I haven't used these samples yet, so I've decided to share with you guys.  It's GIVEAWAY time!!!!  You will win all of the samples you see in the picture below...there is just about everything that you might want to try.

So, how do you win?  Well, you MUST be a follower of Becky's Babbles...then just leave me a comment about what your addicted to...cause I'm obviously addicted to beauty samples.  The giveaway will run until midnight on Tuesday, February 12th.  On Wednesday, I will announce the winner.  Good luck!


Girl On a Journey said...

Your baskets turned out SO cute! I have a Pinterest account but, have not really checked it out too much, everyone says it is addicting. I am already addicted to FB, WW, Twitter, Instagram, and Blogs so I can't add anything else to the list. LOL!

Kendra said...

WOW! I am envious of your bathroom! It looks fantastic! Great job! I really should do something like that, I am just not crafty. But your pictures make me want to try it.
As far as addictions go, I would have to say accessories. I very seldom come home without a new necklace, bracelet, earrings or especially a scarf these days!

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