Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I'm Up to Wednesday

Since moving into this house (over 6 years ago), I have struggled with a central place to keep our family calendar, et al.  The first problem was that the stainless steel on our refrigerator is not magnetic...who knew?  I tried putting everything on the side and it was just too much "out of sight out of mind". 

So, I tried using velcro and command strips and put everything on the front.  Which brings me to the second problem...clutter.  Ugh!  Seriously, I don't like a cluttered looking refrigerator.

I've been searching and trying to figure out a way to make a "Family Command Center" and my friend Pinterest really has inspired me.  So this weekend, I finally got everything together and came up with this....

I absolutely love it!  It is clean and organized, but still has personality to it.

I think the calendar is my absolute favorite.  I ordered the digital image from Beyer Design on Etsy.  Then I sent it to mpix and had it printed on mat board for less than $15.  I got a sale frame at Hobby Lobby, some dry erase markers and voila...a dry erase calendar!  Just write on the glass and it makes a perfect dry erase board.

I also love the chore boards.  I ordered them from Groopdealz, but you can get the boards from More Than a Memory on Etsy as well.  Another cheap open frame from Hobby Lobby and I have myself a new way to track the chores for Q&A!

The two prints that you see are pretty dang adorable if you ask me.  The Heart and Hands print is another Groopdealz purchase....also from Etsy.  You can get one from Le Papier Studio.  And the I Love Us print is a printable I found on a Pinterest and printed myself.  You can find the printable HERE.  I could also have printed it through a photo developer, but decided it would look just fine on normal paper....that and I didn't have the patience to wait.

I love the finished look of the area and am so darn proud of it!  I hope that maybe I've inspired some of you to become a little organized as well.  Now, off I go to work on another disorganized part of my bedroom! 

***All of the information in this post is my own personal opinion.  I wasn't paid by any of the retailers mentioned.  It would be nice if I would've been though.***


Girl On a Journey said...

This is so awesome. LOVE IT!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Becky that is AWESOME, it looks pretty but it is totally efficient too!

Mrs. Squish said...

Two things..shut your face with that calendar. I love it and I'm stealing it. Also, Quinn and Ashton, Q&A, Question and Answer. I giggled to myself a bit. I wish my parents would have named us something with a Q and A and then I (little sister) would be all "Mom and dad questioned why they had you and I'm the answer" or some sort of teenage nonsense.

Anyway, this comment is long enough. Love the calendar!

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

This looks fantastic, love it!

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