Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Seeing Columbus

On top of eating our way around the city, Nicole also took me to some very neat places...some were new to her and others were on her favorites list.

The first day we went to North Market....a fave of Nicole's.  This place is a really neat open stall market with just about anything and everything for some really awesome food.  We got Belgium waffles for dessert that night and cinnamon rolls for breakfast the next morning.  Nicole said that they will even have a Farmers Market in the summer.  I bet the produce is fantastic.  The place is so big that it is a little hard to take it all in...I was on sensory overload.  But I will definitely ask to go back there next time I am in town.

the yummy waffles

This is pasta...those striped things are Lobster Ravioli...seriously!

Just down the road is what is called Short North.  This is a hipster area with tons of way too expensive shops.  But I really liked the feel of the area and this is where we got our Jeni's ice cream...so you know it is a great place to visit.

i love these murals
Nicole and I are both paranormal junkies (her a little more than me, but my level goes up when we are together).  One of the places we decided to visit was the Jury Room.  This location was featured on an episode of The Dead Files in December.  We decided to play lookie-lou and went on inside.  The employees were very nice and had no problem with us wandering around taking pictures.  Nicole did a great post on The Jury Room HERE.  You can find out more on the history by reading her post, I'm too lazy to rewrite it all.

Another new for Nicole was Green Lawn Cemetery.  (Yes, we visited a cemetery.)  But this place was super neat.  The cemetery was established in 1848.  Some of the grave markers were dated back to the 1700's and some had been there so long that you could no longer read the writing.  There were a couple military sections with veterans from WWI, WWII, Vietnam and Korean. 

Hopefully you've continued reading, cause this next location was my favorite....The Book Loft of German Village!  The Book Loft is located in a pre-Civil War era buildings that were once general stores, a saloon and a nickelodeon cinema.   Now it is an awesome 32 rooms of bargain books!  I could've totally gotten lost in this place.  This will be another place I will want to return to on my next visit.

Every space in this building is filled with books.  Yep!  That is me standing in a closet.  I also loved the old building and book smells that slapped you in the face when you walked in the door.  My allergies didn't love it, but I did.

I loved all of the places that Nicole shared with me, but I think what loved the most was seeing how much Nicole really loves her new city.  It was like visiting a home with little kids and they pull out all of their favorite toys to share with the new visitors.  I loved seeing Nicole's "toys" and knowing that she wanted me to share in them with her.


Girl On a Journey said...

Thanks for sharing more of your visit. :)

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

That Book Loft is going to be a must-see when we all go visit!!

Kendra said...

That all sounds so fun! I love the eclectic-ness of your trip, so many fun adventures!

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