Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In Our Down Time

Although I loved getting to see Columbus and visit Nicole's favorite haunts, my favorite part of the trip was when we just really "hung out".  She and I run on very similar rhythms.
  • We like to leisurely get up in the mornings and head out around 9 or 10 to do our running around.  
  • We both eat lunch early even if we had a late breakfast. 
  • And usually around 3 or 4, we are both ready to get home, put on comfy clothes and just relax.
In our relaxing time, we watched several movies On Demand and even went to the movies one night.  Our mutual love of movies and books is what brought us first together to begin with.

Matt, Nicole and I went to see The Call on the AMC dine in theatre.  (It was a pretty neat theatre, but I can see why they miss The Warren so much.)  The Call is about a 911 operator (played by Halle Berry) who "loses" one of her callers.  This loss caused her to crumble, so when she gets a call 6 months later from a girl being abducted, she is immediately taken back.  Her drive to save the girl is intense.

The movie was just okay. I think they could've spent much more time developing the characters.  And the end was a little unrealistic, but the action kept me on the edge of my seat.

Nicole and I rented three other On Demand movies.  The first was Argo.  Beyond FANTASTIC!  If you haven't seen it yet, you MUST!

We rented My Amityville Horror.  This is a documentary with the son of the family that was involved in the actual Amityville situation (he was 8 years old at the time...I think).  It was okay as well.  The guy is a little odd, but I learned a lot about the happenings that I didn't realize.  All I really knew about it was the original movie that I saw when I was younger. 

Then we also rented Bachelorette.  This was a sorta fun girls movie...but I think Nicole said it best while we were watching it..."all the characters in this movie are assholes".  I completely agree!  But there were several laughs and it was a good light hearted flick.

The time we spent together was borderline perfect.  I'm afraid to say perfect and set the bar too high.  It feels like it was forever ago and we were planning the next visit before I had even left. 


Girl On a Journey said...

I am so behind on movies. We are going to see Temptation on Friday.

Kendra said...

Your downtime sounds like a great time! It's fun to go but it's fun to veg out too!

Nicole said...

cute cute post! We are twinsies for sure! ha

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

So glad that you guys had a fun and relaxing time! I LOVED Argo too, we just saw it a week ago. Can totally see why it got all that Oscar buzz.

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