Thursday, March 28, 2013

When Momma's Away

The day I left for Ohio, it was like all hell broke loose...okay, maybe not all hell, but at least a part of it.  While Nicole and I were having our lunch, I got a text from Quinn that their school was on lock down.  Tony got the same text, so we started trying to figure out why.  We quickly found out that not only was Quinn's school locked down, but so was Ashton's school and a couple other schools in the area.

It turns out that OUR bank (which is only a mile from our house) was robbed and the burglars ran into a nearby apartment complex.  Since they were armed and considered a danger, the schools took immediate action.  From what I know, they found one of the guys, but the other still has not been caught.  Tony talks to our bank tellers all the time, so he went up there and made sure they were all okay.  Thank goodness they all were.  I can't imagine how scary that would be.

Then on Friday, I get a text from Tony saying our outside AC/Heat Pump unit isn't turning one.  Come to find out, we were only running on emergency heat.  But since it got hot that day, they quickly found out that it was running.  The AC guys were out the next Tuesday and fixed the unit, but in the process they blew our thermostat.  We have a special thermostat that runs with our security system, so the security company is required to replace it.

The thermostat was replaced on Monday....and that night, only emergency heat would come on again.  Tony called them back and another guy came out Tuesday.  As he was working on it, it all shut down.  Not a thing would turn on.  So we had no heat on a night that it got down into the 30's.  Finally yesterday, the alarm company sent out another AC company and he was able to fix it all.  The install of the first thermostat was done wrong and it blew a fuse and a board...who knew?  I had no idea it could cause damage like that.

That is finally all done and I am so appreciative to Tony for dealing with it all.  He was terribly stressed, but he handled it well and I don't think he even yelled or cussed at anyone.  We are also blessed that he has the job he does....three days this week and one last of having to sit around and wait on a would've been so much worse if one of us would've had to miss work. 


Kendra said...

What a lousy time for all of that to happen and even just at all. My stepdad was a fireman at Norman and it came in very handy for situations like that or to complete projects on his 4 days off.
Now here's to smooth sailing!

Girl On a Journey said...

What a week of challenges. Glad everything is fixed and running smoothly now. Here is to a great Easter weekend! :)

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