Thursday, April 25, 2013

What I'm Thinkin' Thursday

When I was visiting Nicole, she went on a job interview.  Of course, we talked about every nuance of what was discussed and one of their questions has stuck with me....What are your pet peeves?
So, I've decided to dedicate What I'm Thinkin' Thursday to a few of my pet peeves....

1.  When people don't drive the speed limit...seriously peeps...GET OUT OF THE WAY

2.  And on the next note of that, get off my butt....I'm already driving 5+ over the speed limit, so BACK OFF!

3.  I'm decently talkative and friendly, so I don't mind the occasional visitor at my desk at work.  But there are social queues that people need to pay attention to that tells them "I'm done with the conversation".  They just overstay their welcome and I need to get back to work.

4.  When breaking news preempts my regularly scheduled program and my DVR doesn't know to record it at 2am when they air it later.

5.  My last pet peeve is when I have an awesome post in my mind and then when I type it up I can't remember anything that I wanted to say.

So what are your pet peeves?  Do you agree with any of mine?


Mrs. Squish said...

OMG #4! It happens on General Hospital at least once a week. How am I supposed to find out what happened to Lulu!!!

Girl On a Journey said...

All my shows last week recorded all the "Breaking News" in Boston. I don't think they re-aired at 2am though.

The other is the tailgaters for sure. I drive the highway every day on my commute and it is either be stuck behind the slow pokes or get ran down in the fast lane by the huge trucks with tractor tires.

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

Number 4, number 4, number 4!!

Nicole said...


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

How about when someone shoots in front of me to get onto the road I'm on... the drives slow as can be. If you're in such a hurry to get onto the road then DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT.

Kendra said...

I have A LOT of driving pet peeves, from the ones you listed to people pulling out in front of me and proceeding to turn soon after.

I also have the forgetful brain but mine is everywhere, all the time. It bugs!

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