Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I'm Up to Wednesday

I've come back from vacation energized...recharged...and motivated once again.  What do I do when I get motivated?  I make a list.  Ya I know...just a bit OCD.  The list contains the things that I can impact and change.  There is so much going on around me that I have no control over.  No more wasting energy on those things.

With all of that is my list.

1)  Get the 15 lbs off that have lingered for the last far, I've lost 4!  I'm off to a great start.

2)  Start eating right and pre-plan meals.  This weekend I pre-made my lunches and breakfast so it could be a grab and go thing.

3)  Get up off the couch.  With the health issues, I'm gonna have to start slow.  So, I've started with two 10-minute walks each day.  And I've brought Ali and the family along for the walks too.  Getting my blood pumping feels pretty darn good!

4)  Apply for 5 jobs a day.  This one has been harder.  I've stayed busy all day at work and been busy every evening.  I've not completely ignored the need to search though.  I've updated my LinkedIn profile and applied for about 7 jobs this week.  Now I just need someone to call me in for an interview...but that is one of things I can't control.

On top of getting recharged and focused, I've officially started the countdown to unemployment.  I was officially extended to July 31 so I could be there for End of Quarter book close.  So, I have 35 days until I am officially unemployed.  My hope is to walk into a new job shortly thereafter.

Keep me in your prayers.  I am feeling confident (for now) and I want to stay in this mental space.

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Girl On a Journey said...

Yay for the recharge and awesome changes and how proactive you are being! Keep at it and great things are in store for you and the family. Can you send me some of that positive energy?

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