Friday, September 13, 2013

Family Frenzy Friday

Five Things on this Family Frenzy Friday

Summer band camp culminated with a parent preview night.  This year we have approximately 210 kids...that is a lot of feet to try to synchronize, huh?  I know they work and I know they'll improve as the year goes.  I can't wait to see what the final performance looks like when they take it nationals in Indianapolis again this year.

During August Quinn started driving school.  He's done his drives and the instructors said he is a really good driver.  I can't wait until he gets his permit in October...that way he can drive us everywhere.

Ashton, her friend Maggie and I went to the Mustache Bash.  We had a lot of fun and enjoyed being silly together.

School started for the kids on August 16.  Ashton is in junior high this year and Quinn is a sophomore.  It is so hard for me to believe that I have a 7th grader...let alone a 10th grader.

We've had our first football game and I had forgotten how fun it is to be at the game and see my boy have so much fun playing in the stands and marching on the field.  I am one proud momma!!!


Anonymous said...

I popped in to see if there was a new post and realized I guess I did not comment on Friday. :(

Anyway, looks like lots of fun in your pictures. Glad you are getting out with the family.

Happy Monday! :) - Janet

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

Love the pic of the kids with their school signs showing their grade!!

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