Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What I'm Up to Wednesday

It's time for me to share our new house with you guys.  There are still a few remaining projects, but overall we are completely moved in!  I love our little house and am beyond thankful for it.  Aside from the 50% cut in our house payment, the smaller house brings us together more frequently than the larger house did. 

For the reveal, I'm going to share a room each week and why not start with one of my favorites...the laundry room.  Yep!  I just said the laundry room.  I've always wanted a decorated laundry room.  We walk through it multiple times a day so why not make it fun and inviting.

Here is what it looked like before....

Pretty boring, huh?  And it was seriously lacking in storage space.
(***I need to throw in a quick disclaimer...anywhere I say "we", I really mean Tony.  I may have had most of the ideas, but he was the muscle behind each one.***)
The first thing we did was rip out the shelf and put in a cabinet.  The cabinet was in my craft room at the old house.  It was originally part of my grandparents china hutch too.  So this cabinet has been re-purposed on several occasions.  We added a bar for hanging clothes and additional shelving on either side of the cabinet as well.

The metal canisters were my great grandmother's and they are great for holding our dryer sheets and laundry pods. 
Behind the laundry room door was an empty nook.  There were no shelves or anything.  Just an empty cut out space.  So, Tony re-purposed the wood from the livingroom wall hanging that I had made for the old house.  He painted it and gave us more storage shelves.
I love the yellow and grey and am so glad I spent the time to decorate this room.  I actually enjoy doing laundry a little bit more now.


Girl On a Journey said...

Love it! Refurbishing it great. The little creative accents are awesome...(the lemons in the glass jar, hanging paper balls). The matching wall paper, ironing board cover, and the sign with such a cute saying. I am wanting to re-do my bedroom. You are inspiring me!

Kendra Kelley said...

Looks great, so fun and cheerful! I love the details.

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