Thursday, April 10, 2014

What I'm Thinking Thursday

Most of you know that I've started working a part time job.  I explained it a little on fb, but thought I'd go into more detail here.

After we settled in to our new home and started trying to balance our budget, I quickly realized that we were still coming in short each month.  We weren't going to be able to live on Tony's fire station money alone.  Tony and I had multiple discussions and he kept insisting that I shouldn't go back to work.  But being a SAHM for two teenagers left me feeling like I wasn't pulling my own weight.  It doesn't take long to clean a 1200 sq ft house and when the kids were in school, I felt like I was being a sloth.  I tried not to run around town too much...after all, that takes money.  So that would've been a bit counter productive.

After about the third pay period, where I was having to pull money from savings, I took it God (yes, I should have taken it to God sooner).  I prayed hard for a solid day.  Tony and I talked a lot the next day and I told him I wanted to try to find a low stress 8-12 or 9-1 job.  But I seriously didn't think something like that existed.  My only experience with part time jobs was in retail...and I certainly didn't want to go back to retail.

Later that evening, after more prayers and discussions with Tony, I decided to start putting out "feelers".  I sent a text to my friend, Jeana, and said "Hey, I think I need a part time job.  Will you let me know if you hear of anything?"  She immediately texted back and said she actually had a position coming open in her department and it should be posted soon.

At this time, Jeana had no idea about my prayer focus.  She didn't know how heavily it was weighing on my heart to go back to work and I didn't want to pressure her.  I didn't want the potential of guilt on her if I ended up not getting the job.  The next day, the job was posted and I immediately applied to it.  I was interviewed the next week by four different people and offered the job the same day as the interviews.  Later the next week, I let Jeana in on my praying and my 100% certainty that it was God that lead me to text her that evening.  My prayer was answered in the most clear way I've ever had a prayer answered.

I LOVE this job.  This is my third week.  I work 9-1 Monday through Friday.  I'm still able to see the kids off to school and be there when they get home. I'm not exhausted at the end of the day and when I leave work my day is over.  No more logging in during the evening.  No more text message or instant message conversations when I'm home with my family.  This really and truly is an answered prayer.  Our God is good!!!

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Kendra Kelley said...

That is super awesome! I wish I could find something like that out here in the next few years.

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