Friday, March 25, 2011

The Heavens Opened Up and the Hallelujah Chorus Began!!!

Ok, so it didn't quiet go like that, but I was about to belt out the Hallelujah Chorus myself!

I have been searching for shoes for Saturday's Chips for Charity event that we lovely ladies of JH are's not late, you can still get tickets today or buy them at the door tomorrow! Come on, you know you wanna come! For more info click here.

Anyways...back to my I bought a pair at Kohl's on Wednesday and after walking around my living room, I realized that they weren't gonna work. I had already been shopping for about 5 days, and here I was, back at square one. GRRRR!

Today was my last attempt to find a pair. Otherwise, I would figure out what pair in the closet looked best. I walked in to MetroShoe Warehouse and on about the 3rd Aisle is when the heavens opened up. I think I almost cried right then and there. I was in love.

I hadn't yet touched them.

I was just admiring from afar.

Then, I spotted the name....

Yep, these are Betsey Johnson shoes. Ya know...Betsey Johnson, the fabulously gifted but "out-there-strange-larger-than-life" designer that I adore but have never had the money to buy anything of hers. So, let me tell ya...I was skeered. So, I hesitatingly turned the shoe over and gasped. That price tag would require a call to the old hubby to find out if it was okay.

But I was in love and he knew it.

So, I did it! I splurged and bought the shoes. Of course, I had to call my friend Karlin for a little fashion advice...leopard or black. She and I decided that I should go out on a I got the leopard pair.

So, do you wanna see 'em???

I am beyond excited. Now, I just have to find other outfits to wear them with?!?!


Crystal Clear As Mud said...

Those look fabulous! I can't wait to seem them in person tomorrow!

Nicole said...

uh so.........I want those BAD

I do take two!! said...

LOVE THEM!!!! I want them but then I would be 7 feet tall! LOL!!! Good find! I'll help ya find some other outfits! hehe! :-)

mistymadisonjo said...


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