Friday, June 24, 2011

Five for Friday

There are a few things in my ever day life that I would be lost if I did not have. Some are trivial and some are vital. But none-the-less, they are all important to me. So, here are the....

Five Things I Can't Live Without

1. Our Perpetual Calendar
I love our calendar and with two kids and a husband who has a rotating schedule, I rely on the calendar to tell me when and where I need to be at what times. Our calendar is magnetic, but did you know that not all stainless steel appliances are. So, when we first got our fridge, I was lost. I tried putting the calendar on the side, but I need it front and center. So, I used some of my creative ingenuity and used Velcro to attach it to the fridge.

2. My Medicine
This week, I found out just how much I need my medicine. For a test that was done yesterday (I will tell you more about it later), I had to abstain from all of my meds for 48 hours. I also couldn't have caffeine, Tylenol, Advil or any other anti-dizzy/pain meds. By the morning of the test, I was in severe pain and my body was telling me just how much my medicine really is helping, even if it doesn't make me feel 100% all of the time.

3. Chocolate
I literally crave chocolate each and every day. I don't require lots of it, but it makes me feel so much better if I can have just a bit each day.

4. Powerade Zero
Each day I drink at least 32 oz. of Powerade Zero. POTS suffers must, must, must get all of their fluids in and stay hydrated. Dehydration is VERY bad for us. So, I make sure half of my fluids are water and half are Powerade. The added sodium in the Powerade really helps me out too.

5. DVR
Tony begged and begged for a DVR for years. I was so resistant because I didn't need a reason to watch even more TV, but as soon as got one, I was addicted. I absolutely refuse to watch TV is awesome to be able to get through an hour long show in 40 minutes or less.

So, if you could make a list of five things you can't live without...what would they be???

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Debbie said...

Ooooo, I like this one. I think I will 'steal' it for my blog1 This was really fun to read!

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