Monday, August 22, 2011

Ten Days of Me - Five Foods

i <3 food

that is obviously not a surprise

so, trying to narrowing it down to five foods, is pretty difficult, but i think this list is a pretty good one

five foods
1. pumpkin tortellini
i have only had pumpkin tortellini once...and it was a moment of divine inspiration.
this is a sweet, savory dish that just melted in my mouth. i had it at a fantastic family owned italian restaurant in new jersey. it was one of those moments that i will never be able to replicate again, because i have totally built it up in my memory. hopefully, i'll have this moment with pumpkin tortellini again in this lifetime.

2. baked sweet potato
i lurve some amazing baked sweet potato. i could eat it everyday!

3. chocolate lasagna
dear olive garden, you made this wonderful dessert and then took it away from me. please, please bring it back!

4. caprese salad
everyone of the flavors in this salad are just married together so fantastically! if there is a caprese on a menu, i am ordering it. but i have discovered a fantastic caprese on the menu at BJs for a sweet $2.95...yep! only $2.95!

5. crab cakes
i don't order crab cakes very often, because i am very, very picky when it comes to crab cakes. i have found two places that i begin to salivate when i think about their crab cakes...Seven47 and Mahoganny Prime Steakhouse...both have the best crab cakes for me.

well, i have achieved a mental weight gain from this hopefully, you will find some love in these five faves of mine!

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