Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two Birthdays...One Night

We celebrated Quinn's 14th Birthday and Tony's 38th Birthday on Friday, March 31st. We usually have a joint party for them since they are only three days apart. And since their bday weekend fell on Easter, we did it a week early.

We chose to keep it small this year and only had family over for a cookout and cake. Quinn invited a couple of friends and I have never heard boys giggle as much as I did that night. They were hilarious.

Quinn asked for money again and you all know that I hate giving money as a gift. I think it is impersonal and unimaginative. So each year, I have to out do myself with how I give the money. In years past, I've done a scavenger hunt, I've wrapped the money in multiple boxes and even wrapped dollar bills around candy bars. So, I couldn't not try to be creative this year.

Unfortunately, my brain was NOT working. So I googled creative ways to give money as a gift. And this is what we found...HILARIOUS!!! Five dollar bills taped together, stuffed into a tissue box with one tissue sticking out. It just so happened, he had been complaining of a stuffy nose that morning.

I hope both my guys had a great birthday.

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