Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Road Trip - Day 3 - On the Road Again

I had hoped and planned that our day 3 road trip would be uneventful.  At breakfast that morning, Mom passed out motion sick pills since we would be driving through the winding roads of Tennessee.  Ashton thought she could manage without one (and she probably could have had she not been in the very back of the van). 

About an hour into our drive, she turned green.  I talked Tony into pulling off and it just so happens we were on a beautiful country road by a stream.  As we were standing there waiting for Ashton to yark (which luckily she did not), we heard some running water and found this beautiful little stream running down the mountainside.

After we got Ashton settled shotgun in the front with Tony, we headed on our to lunch rendezvous ... Spartanburg, SC.  I tell you this because I got to meet my co-worker (and friend) Lisa that lives in Greenville, SC.  Lisa and I have been co-workers since Oct.  We talk virtually everyday.  We cover our work questions in about 10 minutes and proceed to chit chat for usually an hour.  And when we aren't talking live, we are usually sending each other instant messages (some are work related and some are not).  We have developed a very neat relationship and it was so wonderful to get to meet her in person.

After lunch, we drove the remaining 4 hours to Myrtle Beach, SC.  My sister and her bunch flew in and met us there.  We all ended up at the resort at almost the exact same time.  We didn't do anything major that evening, since we needed to get settled into our rooms and put the baby to bed early.  But we did enjoy a nice walk at my favorite shopping area...Broadway at the Beach.  We tried to have to dinner at Margarittaville, but for a party of 10 the wait was going to be 3 hours and by this point it was already 7:30. 
It felt great to be at our destination and start making plans for our few days at the beach.

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Kendra said...

I'm glad you were able to see it and that Ashton didn't get sick! How neat about meeting your coworker for the first time! That view is breathtaking!!

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