Thursday, February 21, 2013

What I'm Thinkin' Thursday

I wasn't really sure what I was gonna write about today, until Tony and I had a late night conversation with Quinn.  At that moment, I decided that I would use today to discuss the same topic with you.  Because really, I am at loss on how to help my son and since he doesn't read my blog, I can write about him without him knowing.  tee hee hee.

You guys know that Quinn got his first HS girlfriend during Band this past fall.  She was an okay girl, but we never really had the opportunity to get to know her.  Her parents are very strict and they weren't really allowed to "hang" outside of school or school activities.  Regardless of the strictness and distance created by these rules, Quinn really fell for this girl. 

Over Christmas break, things got a little weird.  She wouldn't respond to his texts, but he could see her on facebook all day or she would mention that she'd  been texting with another friend all day.  So, it seemed that she was just ignoring him.  When they went back to school, Quinn gave it a week and nothing really changed.  He had hoped being back "together" would spark things back up.  But it didn't.  When he said he didn't think things were working out, she pulled the mean girl card and completely broke my son's heart and crushed his confidence.

She said she never really liked him...only went out with him because a friend talked to her into it...etc, etc, etc.  She just got MEAN.

Quinn has really struggled with this.  He has to see her everyday and in just about every class.  He is angry and sad and hurt just by seeing her.  We've talked to him about letting things go....finding a way to forgive her so he can free his heart.  I've suggested everything I can think of for how to let go of the resentment and forgive her and let her go, but he is still hanging on to it.

We told him that unfortunately, it is just a decision you have to make to move past it.  There are no tricks that we know of.  Tony and I both assured him that we have been through things that just had to be "let go".  But you know when a parent talks all a child sometimes all they hear is "waa-waa-waa" (you know, like the adults in Snoopy).

I just don't know what else to do and this is so heavy on my heart.  If any of you know how we can continue to help him through this, please, please let me know.  I am open to any suggestions.


Mrs. Squish said...

I remember my first heartbreak. I was devastated and it took months to get over. I don't know what would help, maybe a good distraction like movies or ice cream or something that he's interested in. Try to redirect his attention when he's starting to mope.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh. Oh this just breaks my heart! Poor Quinn.

I remember my first heartbreak. We didn't go to the same school so I didn't have to see him every day but it took me MONTHS to get over.

I know what helped me was spending lots of time with friends and keeping busy.

Sounds to me like he's too good for her anyway. And I'll be someday he's going to find a girl who considers herself so lucky to be with someone like him.

Hoping he feels happier soon!

Kendra said...

Quinn is such a sweet caring guy, he is definitely too good for her. I am so sad for him. It took me a little bit to get over heartache when I was his age and seeing the guy every day at school was just so hard. Growing up is just so hard sometimes. I will be praying for him.

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