Thursday, March 7, 2013

What I'm Thinkin' Thursday

This pretty much sums up what I've got on my mind today.  And I know I've told you guys this before, but I have become a bit of a procrastinator and it is starting to seep into several areas of my life.

Work is a tough one.  My boss isn't in Oklahoma, so I self-manage.  Don't get my works get done.  ALWAYS!  But since I do put it off and put it off and put it off....I tend to have to work evenings, early mornings and during the night when the deadline has hit and I didn't get things done earlier. 

Paying bills has gotten bad recently.  I'm not talking about our normal everyday bills...those are mostly paid electronically, so they require me to do very little.  But it's those random things you get in the mail ( the mail), like the lawn treatment service, medical bills, dental bills, car tags.  Before online stuff, I was super organized with our bills.  But since online, I can't keep track of those paper ones.  In fact, I usually have to do digging through a stack of papers and junk mail to find the bill that I sorta remember receiving a few days ago.

Taking care of Sookie....I am a bad kitty least when it comes to her litter box.  When we agreed to get a cat and have her be indoors, we got ourselves the handy electronic litter box that scoops the yucky stuff away.  Well, because of this, I can let the emptying go for a while.  But I typically put it on my to-do list and then for about week, I keep moving it to the next day and the next day and the next day...until we start to smell it.

Organizing the stuff for our taxes is one I haven't done yet and it's been on my list for weeks.  Tony and I have always gotten our taxes as soon as Feb 1st hits we are going to see our CPA.  But just like the litter box, tax stuff has been pushed out a day for like the last two weeks.  I think I'm afraid that we're going to least that is the excuse I am making (refer to #3 above).

So I think it is time that I get my shit together (sorry for cussing, mom).  I know it's going to take several days of some hardcore getting caught up....but I have got to keep myself current.  Living like this sucks!


Kendra said...

I am sadly, soooo right there with you. I procrastrinate and hence my house looks like a tornado, actually 4 tornadoes have hit it, hard. I love the feeling of being caught up, which isn't often because most of the time I feel like I am hanging by my pinky onto the bumper of a pickup zooming down I40. Life in general just needs to slow down. I hope you cen get it all together!!

Nicole said...

That is ME!!!!!

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