Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I'm Thinkin' Thursday

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the alien objects from my implants.  (Click HERE to read the post that explains my decision to remove them.)  I have to admit that I was extremely nervous to have them removed.  Did I love them?  No.  Was I happy with the results of the augmentation?  Heck No!  Do I believe they were the cause of a lot of my sickness?  Hell yes!

The recovery was rough.  When the surgeon took out the implants there wasn't much left.  All of the tissue literally fell under my arm pits.  So the amount of reconstruction was immense.  He put in several rows of permanent sutures that created an internal "bra".  The extra "work" caused the recovery to be painful.  I had an allergic reaction to the adhesive that didn't show up until late May/June.  So the rash was unbearable in the summer heat.  It took two rounds of steroids to get over it.  The final straw was that I also dealt with an infected suture.  The infection took over half of my breast and looked crazy.  After three rounds of antibiotics (both oral and topical) and the infection still not going away, the doctor has to perform minor surgery to remove the problem.  Lucky me, I am now a statistic, cause they had never seen this type of infection.

So once that was all done and I was able to settle into my new girls, I am thrilled with them.  The size and shape turned out to be what I was looking for when I got the implants put in.  I try not to live with regret, but to know that breast implants impacted by life so severely for over 8 years is really hard to choke down.  I can't get back those 8 years.  I can't recreate those memories that I wasn't healthy enough to enjoy.

Several people of have asked why I didn't take them out sooner.  I took out a loan when I had the implants put won't pay to take them it was kinda hard to take out another loan to remove them.  I felt like a failure in a way too.  It was a big financial decision to put them in and I couldn't put us into more debt just to remove them.  So, I dealt with it.  I don't think I can ever thank my parents enough for offering to help me fund the removal.  My life has been changed in such a wonderfully positive way this past year.  I have my life back!

As a reminder here is a little timeline....
  • before I had babies I was a small B
  • after babies, weight gain and weight loss, I was a pathetically droopy D
  • after implants and breast lift, I became a voluptuous D (even though I wanted to be a C)   
  • after more weight gain and weight loss, I was an F cup of droopy implants
  • and finally...after removal and another lift, I am a wonderful, natural C
So...for the fun part...the B&A pics (and believe it or not...that is the same bikini top...yikes!)


Kendra said...

Praise God you are happy and healthy! And you look beautiful!
I tease my husband that I look like a boy because in the car the seatbelt just goes straight down, there are no bumps to go over. Just a "perk" of nursing 4 kids for a year each.

Anthony Brum said...

It's been a long road, but as long as she is happy and healthy I'm happy.

Girl On a Journey said...

I am glad you are happy and HEALTHY too. You look amazing!

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

Wowsers, what a difference! I am so glad this has all been resolved. I remember when your suture infection was going made me want to protect my "girls" just while you were explaining it to me!

Nicole said...

You are perfect! AND YES, so glad that is behind you

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