Thursday, June 13, 2013

What I'm Thinkin' Thursday

I want to focus on the Looky-Loos for today's post...because that's what I'm thinkin' about on this fine Thursday morning.  Seriously....

Just this week alone, I've almost been in three accidents because of the wonderful sight seers that are driving through our town.  Is it really necessary to stop in the middle of the road (on a normal four lane main road) to get a better look?  I've almost rear-ended a few just because they came to a sudden stop in front of me.  Not to mention the people behind me that are busy looking at the damage and not me in front of them.

Come on peeps!  Stop touring through our town.  And I guess if you just can handle it and MUST come into Moore, please spend some money at our local businesses!

On a positive note, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see all of the semi-trailers that are hauling out the debris.  It won't be long and we'll see new construction going up as people begin to rebuild.


Kendra said...

I feel for the sweet residents dealing with something as unnecessary as the daily onlookers. My mom drives from Earlywine to Norman daily for work and she complains about the people on the highway coming to a stop on the HIGHWAY just to look at the damage.

The Other Becky said...

I can not come to your town now. Not for a while. It tears my heart apart to see homes ripped from their foundations and peoples possessions strew around like trash. I plan to keep Moore and all of the affected OK areas in my heart but out of my eyesight for a while.

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