Friday, July 19, 2013

What I'm Thinking Thursday

I know I am a day late with this post, but I have a good excuse...I had originally planned a different post, so this one took me some time to think up.  You see...I got a call on Wednesday morning, from one of the companies I have applied at and they set up a phone interview with me.  The interview took place yesterday, but that isn't necessary what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about is how different things are....I spent two hours on Wednesday night preparing for the interview.  I spent time researching the company and also preparing for the different kinds of questions.  The last interview I was in was in 2000.  It's been 13 years.  The job market is so much more competitive.  If you don't go in prepared, you've already lost the job.

I feel like the interview went well.  The next step in the process is another phone interview with the hiring manager.  I will continue to do my homework and go into that interview even more prepared that I was for yesterday's.

I have to be completely honest...I almost feel like this one was meant to be.  The circumstances with how I came across the job ad and how the process is progressing, just feels "right".  I'll keep you updated and just ask that you all pray for my success in this process and for God's plan to be fulfilled.


Crystal Clear As Mud said...

Fingers crossed and praying!

Kendra said...

Praying for you! I have been out of the working world for over 7 years now and I am terrified about going back.

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