Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Surgery Date Set

It seems like all I do is apologize to you guys for not blogging...and here I go again. Work has been horrendous and if I am on the computer at night, it is to work. I DO NOT use the computer for personal stuff hardly at all anymore, but I will try VERY hard to keep up to date. Maybe I just need to let it go and blog when I can and stop stressing.

This is going to just be a general update and a request for thoughts and prayers. Then tonight, I schedule out several days of posts to hopefully give you guys some reading enjoyment through the beginning of next week.

Thoughts and Prayers, please! My surgery to remove my implants is THIS THURSDAY! Please pray for the surgery to go well, my recovery to be swift and for this to give me the needed relief.

If you are just now hearing about me doing this, you can read the blog posted HERE and it will bring you up to date.

I promise I will get lots and lots of stuff (and pictures) posted tonight and even though I'll be out for surgery, you will get lots to read.


Kendra said...

praying for peace and quick healing.

Debbie said...


Natalie said...

Lots of prayers for you!

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